About Us

Apprenticeship Stories is a new innovative platform to share experiences from current and past apprentices. In the last couple of years, the government has a target to get 3 million people into an apprenticeship by 2020. With the new Apprenticeship Levy coming into force in April 2017, there will be more opportunities than ever before to become an apprentice, at many more levels (up to degree and beyond), and in more industries.

Apprenticeship Stories launched for National Apprenticeship Week 2017 and aims to inspire anyone who is looking at doing an apprenticeship, to give them a taster of what they could achieve. GetMyFirstJob has given the chance to their own apprentices; Calum, James and Jenny, to design, build and create Apprenticeship Stories.

From marketing to accountancy, engineering to law, you can find out more about what it really means to be an apprentice.

Apprentices weren’t being given the opportunity to be heard – Apprenticeship Stories aims to solve this issue!

By Apprentices. For Apprentices