Calum’s Story

I started my year long Apprenticeship on 30 September 2016. I am doing a higher level 3 apprenticeship in marketing and I chose it because I want to forge myself a career in marketing, it was a great opportunity that I couldn’t ignore. I work for a company called GetMyFirstJob, a market leading online platform for recruiting apprentices.

I passed all of my GCSE’s along with my AS and A Levels but I didn’t know whether I wanted to go to university or go straight into work, this is before I really knew about apprenticeships. As I did more research I realised that I wanted to pursue an apprenticeship because it’s the best way to get your foot in the door in the world of work.

I realised that I could earn while I learn and avoid any of the debt that I would gain through going to university. The idea of university never really appealed to me, but it was most publicised while I was in sixth form at school. My motivation is both learning, and earning money, and an apprenticeship fits those motivations. Through doing an apprenticeship you gain transferable skills and you also get a nationally recognised qualification all while being paid.

I am doing tasks that helps the business which is vital to career progression and building up my experience.

My career aspirations have always been, be the best I can be at something I really want to do and those aspirations haven’t changed since I was young. I do many different things at work – everyday is different. Sometimes I look after the company social media, that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, I find things to share and post. We make visual graphics that have famous quotes that draw people in, we do all of that in photoshop, it’s usually quite fun! Other days we have e-mail campaigns that go out to different customers, some for example go to candidates, others go to business clients. I also help with creating new articles and blogs for the website, that involves coming up with something new and fresh to write about or putting our own spin on an existing article. I also help and try to get my head round the back end of our different websites, that’s been a very steep learning curve. In short, each day brings different things to do.

I have a reasonable level of responsibility, the longer I spend at work, the more I get to do on my own and explore how different things work – obviously my managers are there if I need them, but they do let me get on with certain things which is nice. I wouldn’t be learning this much in University, guaranteed! I am doing tasks that helps the business which is vital to career progression and building up my experience!

The on–the–job training is very good and the college work is good as well. I study at Portsmouth College and go every Wednesday. I have been able to meet new people doing the same thing as me and have the same sort of goals which is really nice. The work we do at college is intense but enjoyable at the same time, we find time to have a laugh!

It took me a few weeks to find my apprenticeship, somebody mentioned that I should go for this particular opportunity and I applied through GetMyFirstJob- I then got a call after I had applied and it went from there. With no experience of the system I found it very easy to use and very intuitive. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering an apprenticeship, traineeship or internship.

February 3, 2017
Samuel’s Story
I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone thinking about their next step in education....

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