Cherri’s Story

University never really appealed to me there was always something that kept me from choosing that pathway (besides the debt). It just didn’t grab my attention as much as apprenticeships did, with my older sister having been an apprentice. I had seen the primary effects of what benefits it had. So I decided to look for apprenticeships while I was in sixth form. I had chosen subjects that didn’t cater to my future needs which left me feeling a bit restless. Instead I wanted to do something creative something fun and definitely not scientific.

So I immediately started to apply for digital marketing apprenticeships. I chose digitalmarketing as it has so much that you could branch from that could benefit you in the future. Plus I have always had an interest in media and advertising so I thought it was the right way to go.

I applied using GOV where a range of companies reached out to me to help me with the process. At first, the process was very hard, having to go to interviews being shortlisted and even getting turned down. But it leads me to the company I am working at now called Khing.

My role here is to help assist two teams Account managers and Publisher managers. It’s a very dynamic role as I am given tasks from each team, for example, I help extract reports to set up campaigns. I have also been given more responsibility where I communicate between our offices in Paris to help get issues solved. As you can imagine I have a lot of responsibility but it’s something that differentiates me from other 18-year-olds.
With this apprenticeship, I have been able to personally develop myself to become a better worker and make myself known in this industry. After my apprenticeship, I wish to stay with the company for a few years then branch off into something that is directly linked to advertising and hopefully continue to spread my innovativeness.

A few things that helped me in the process was to always think positively even if something bad happens because when you truly believe good things will happen they will follow through. Don’t always go for the money, its true you get paid and that’s a very good benefit but choose the apprenticeship that appeals to you most, with what your tasks will be and what the qualification is.

And finally in interviews be the best version of yourself because in the end, they want to know if you will fit in with the company and if it’s not right and you don’t get it go back to my first tip.

September 11, 2017
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