Prerna’s Story

I started my Finance and Accounting apprenticeship in August 2016 so I have now been working for 3 months. My apprenticeship will last 12 months to complete my current level 2 qualification, after which I have the option of continuing through to my Level 3, 4 and beyond.

I wanted to go into finance and accounting during my time at college. Originally I didn’t want to do an apprenticeship and wanted to go to university but as I explored this option, I realised that an apprenticeship would provide me with on the job experience and allow me to earn money without the debt of university. With work experience, it will be easier to get a job after my apprenticeship because I will have the experience that not a lot of graduates have. At the time, I was looking at other options to getting into this area e.g. university. Apprenticeships, however, became the most appealing option and I was recommended by my college to look further into this.

It took me a couple of months to find my apprenticeship as there are lots of opportunities out there in the finance and accounting industry. I applied to the ones that I was really interested in, weighed up my options and eventually took up the apprenticeship that I am in now.

I found my apprenticeship through GetMyFirstJob, which my college recommended to use when applying. I found the system easy to understand, I liked how once you have created an account, you can apply instantly to any job.

I work as a Forensic Assistant for a company called HSNO and Kaplan provide my training. The benefits of my apprenticeship training are that the college work ties in really well with my work and I can apply what I’ve learnt at college directly into my tasks at work. The most important thing is that I like and enjoy my work. I am very lucky as HSNO have been very supportive and help me with my college work when needed. My career aspirations haven’t changed much since I started my apprenticeship, I just want to get through my apprenticeship and see what each day brings! My day-to-day work varies daily but I mostly help analyse bank statements and other financial statements and sometimes help with the reports. As we are a small team, I am able to work closely with everybody which I really enjoy and I also help out when someone needs me. I do have a reasonable level of responsibility, recently I have been tasked with managing expenses, this will really help with building experience within HSNO.

Overall, I am really enjoying my apprenticeship, the work and the people really help with this. The work I am doing isn’t extremely difficult so it isn’t to the point where it is overloading and stressful, which is ideal when I’m still quite new to the business. Everyone I work with is extremely friendly and helpful. I love coming into work and being a part of a close-knit team.

February 9, 2017
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