Ralph’s Story

At first I considered going to university. I went through the application process and was offered an unconditional place at the University of Bath.  After much deliberation, I decided an apprenticeship offered me everything I needed, whilst offering real world experience.

My day to day work entails doing various accounting tasks which include preparing tax returns and accounts, meeting clients and running payrolls. In fact, my level of responsibility is rapidly increasing as I become more families with the required techniques. I now take control of payrolls. Which is sure to help my career in the long term.

My apprenticeship is helping to build my career because not only am I learning the academic requirements but I am building my soft skills like conversing with clients.

After uploading my details and CV into GetMyFirstJob’s website, I was instantly able to navigate and apply to many potential apprenticeships. In fact, within my first search, I applied to the same apprentice provider who I now work for!

The application process was very simple. All I had to do was press a button. Within a few days, GetMyFirstJob contacted me with some additional questions relative to the apprenticeship I was applying for. The person I spoke to was helpful, giving me advice and support throughout the process. After supporting me through the initial questions, he arranged a time for the apprenticeship provider to contact me. From this point I was in direct contact with my potential employer. I was successful in my application and am now enjoying my apprenticeship with an accountancy firm. Here I have learnt many accounting practices such as compiling annual accounts, completing tax returns and visiting clients.

I have already recommended GetMyFirstJob to my friends, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone else who is looking for an apprenticeship.

February 13, 2017
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