Rebecca’s Story

I started my Apprenticeship as an Apprentice Sales Assistant for New Look in January 2015 as I love fashion and wanted to combine it with gaining a qualification. I was also considering going to college, however, I chose an Apprenticeship as it allows you to learn as you work. It also helps you build skills that you’ll need in life whilst experiencing the world of work and seeing if the job is for you.

My role after my apprenticeship was as a sales assistant since then I have progressed onto management supervisor.

My duties included working on tills and fitting rooms and building displays and visual merchandising. I also learnt how to cash the tills up at the end of the day. I enjoyed my Apprenticeship and made lots of friends. 2 years on I’m still with the company at the same store and I have now progressed from Sales Assistant to Management Supervisor. I’m still only 19 years old and I feel I was able to progress because of the help and support I got during my apprenticeship. I would recommend doing an apprenticeship instead of studying because when you finish you would’ve built up confidence and feel comfortable within your job role.

January 26, 2017
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